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About this trip

  • Trip location: Bavaria, Germany
  • Trip dates: September 3 - 11, 2024
  • Bookings close: June 3, 2024
  • Optional add-on: Zeppelin ride over Tettnang hop region and Lake Constance

Trip features

  • VIP Tours of the 3 German Bavarian Hop Regions
    • Hallertau
    • Spalt
    • Tettnang
  • VIP Tours Munich and Bavarian Breweries
  • Experience all things Bavarian Hops Harvest
    • Bavarian Hop Museums
    • Hop farms, Hop’s processing plants, Hop Grading facilities, Bavarian Hop HVG facilities
  • Bavarian Hop Research Center: Hüll
    • Optional Zeppelin ride over Tettnang hop region and Lake Constance
    • Local Bavarian beer, food, and traditions
    • 4 Biers in 4 Countries in 1 Day!
  • Now includes IREKS Malting Facilities (Kulmbach)

Special note

  • 2024 Oktoberfest starts Saturday September 21

Detailed trip itinerary

Detailed Trip Itinerary for Bavarian Hop Harvest Tour 2024

Stuff you should know

Stuff You Should Know for Bavarian Hop Harvest Tour 2024

Other stuff you should know

  • Price does NOT include airfare
  • You WILL need a Passport. US Driver’s license will not work. Check Passport Expiration date. Must be more than 6 months from return date
  • You will be leaving USA on Tuesday September 3, 2024 and arriving in Munich, Germany (MUC) on Wednesday September 4, 2024

Trip cost

Double occupancy for $4,395.00 USD

Single occupancy for $4,895.00 USD

Optional add-on for $550.00 USD per person*

  • Special: All BA, Pink Boots Society, & State Brewer Guild, and AHA Members get 5% discount

Cost includes

All European ground transportation, (Group) food, (Group) drinks, hotels, tours, meetings, tickets, and Fun Stuff!

*Optional add-on is NOT available for the 5% discount

Final payment information

  • Final payment due: Upon receipt of invoice
  • 100% refund less deposit $500: June 3, 2024
  • 50% refund less deposit $500: July 3, 2024

Will accept Zelle or Venmo payments at (301) 346-1125

Book now

  • Place your $500.00 USD per person deposit to book now
  • By placing your deposit, you are agreeing you have read and understood the Terms of service
  • Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied as a credit for future trips up to 24 months after cancellation
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