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Andy J. | Director of Brewing at Big Grove Brewery

“We had a specific goal in mind in wanting to go to Germany; get a deep understanding of Helles, Lagers, and Pilsners at the source in Bavaria.  Trip got us to the places we wanted to go, meet the people we wanted to meet, and experience Bavarian bier culture up close.  We now have direct personal relationships with several suppliers, brewers, and hops farmers.”

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Alaskan Craft Beer Trek 2023

Charles S.

"A great beer trip from Juneau, and a car trip from Anchorage through  Fairbanks. Trip had insights to the breweries making for a personal experience with the owners and brewers. The road trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks was a great introduction the main Alaskan thoroughfare allowing for overnight stays along the route and and course multiple brewery visits. Visiting Denali NP was a great excursion. The beer scene and beer law is very different in Alaska and reminded me of the initial craft beer vibes. I would certainly revisit Alaska just based on this alone.

Great breweries and great tour which is very worthwhile.”

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