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September 3 - 11, 2024

Bavarian Hop Harvest Tour

  • VIP Tours of the 3 German Bavarian Hop Regions
  • VIP Tours Munich and Bavarian Breweries
  • Experience all things Bavarian Hops Harvest
  • Optional Zeppelin ride over Tettnang hop region and Lake Constance
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Introducing new program

Taproom Customer Retention Program

Trip's Beer Excursions

September 25 – October 3, 2024

  • Turnkey Beer travel experiences.
  • Trips that are experiential, educational, and fun.
  • Beer Trip themes that tie in with your latest beer styles.
  • Small group sizes for a more intimate experience. 14-20 people
  • A Great value
  • An annual, or even a bi-annual, event opportunity (more trip options available in 2025)
  • Taproom customer retention via shared common experiential beer travel
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Charles S.

"A great beer trip from Juneau, and a car trip from Anchorage through  Fairbanks. Trip had insights to the breweries making for a personal experience with the owners and brewers. The road trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks was a great introduction the main Alaskan thoroughfare allowing for overnight stays along the route and and course multiple brewery visits. Visiting Denali NP was a great excursion. The beer scene and beer law is very different in Alaska and reminded me of the initial craft beer vibes. I would certainly revisit Alaska just based on this alone.

Great breweries and great tour which is very worthwhile.”

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