More than just drinking craft beer

Trip's Beer Trips are much more than just drinking Craft Beer. You will be engaging with key people at each brewery. You get an up close, personal prospective not available in other tours.

Founder & Beer Guide

Trip Kloser

Trip Kloser

Meet the founder

Trip has more than 30 years in the craft beer and beverage industry. He has a long history of developing innovative and successful craft beer business platforms. Recently, he was the Co-founder and COO of Brew Pipeline (Marketing Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Seltzer) and was responsible for overseeing compliance, logistics, and operational details.

In 2008, he founded the Kloser Group, a consulting and facilitation organization, focusing on craft brewer business development and distribution direction. He has consulted with over 250 independent ABI distributors throughout the US providing guidance for Craft Beer, Spirits, and NA Brand partnerships. To provide further value to his Kloser Group customers, in 2009 he founded Trip's Beer Trips for educational and experiential events between distributors and craft brewers throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Starting in 2022, he has expanded the concept and created Trip's Bourbon Trips to meet client requests for access to key people in the Spirits sector. In 2014, he co-founded The Stout Beverage Group which represents top quality German beverage packaging, and brewing ingredients: hops and malts in the US. 

He has active relationships in every aspect of the Beer and Alcohol industry and is called upon as an alcohol Beverage expert in legal and other industry negotiations, from brand rights transfers to brand valuations. Actively engaged in promoting craft beer and beverages, Trip is a member of the Brewers Association and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. He is an industry source for trade publications as well as a called-upon expert in beverage legal proceedings. Trip speaks as an expert at industry events and has hosted bi-annual seminars before the Great American Beer Festival and Craft Brewers Conferences. He continues to provide access for industry professionals to develop personal relationships directly with source suppliers, distributors, beverage producers and others in the Alcohol Beverage industry.

How we started

The story of Trip's Beer Trips

Trip’s Beer Trips was founded in 2009 specifically to facilitate unique Craft Beer experiences, continuing beer education and skills, and networking opportunities for professionals in the quality beverage industry.

Since inception, Trip as lead over 70 groups throughout the US and Germany on various Craft Beer, Bourbon, and Bavarian Hops tours.

In 2022 he expanded the Trip’s Beer Trips concept into three new directions:

  • Trip’s Bourbon Trips - to meet his client’s requests for access to key people in the Spirits sector.
  • Trip’s International Education Beer Trips - turnkey program that includes Brewing and Training Educational courses and Sensorik Training taught in English at the Technical University of Munich – TUM – Weihenstephan Brauerei in Bavaria Germany offering continuing brewer education at the oldest brewery in the world.
  • Trip’s Incentive/Reward Trips – Turnkey experiential trips to reward employees or VIP High End customer entertainment.

All Trip’s Beer (and now Bourbon too) Trips are customized, personal, educational, and fun, creating extraordinary opportunities for participants to develop personal relationships with the people we are meeting.