Detailed Trip Itinerary for Bavarian Hop Harvest Tour 2024

Tuesday Sept 3

  • Leave USA overnight flight to Munich (MUC)

Wednesday Sept 4 (overnight in Munich)

  • 9am: Arrive at MUC
  • 10am: Pick up: Clear Customs meet Trip after customs
  • 11am: Alt pick-up: Meet Trip at Marienplatz in front of Glockenspiel
  • LUNCH: Old Town at outdoor Viktualienmarkt
  • 2:00 – 4:30pm: Spaten Brewery tour
  • Evening: Augustiner Brewery
  • Check in Hotel Munich

    Thursday Sept 5 (Overnight in Wolnzach)

    Hops Region #1 Hallertau
    • 10:30am: HVG Hallertau Region (Bavarian Hops HQ) Meet Senior Management - Carlos Ruiz Director International Sales
    • Noon: Local lunch Siebler GbR Landgasthof u. Hofmetzgerei
    • Afternoon: Hallertau Hop Tour
           - Hop Museum
           - Schapfl Family Hop Farm
           - Hop Processing Facility
    • Check in Local Gasthaus
    • Dinner: Bürgerbräu Local Wolnzach Craft Brewery
    • Evening: Drinks with locals

    Friday Sept 6 (Overnight in Wolnzach)

    • 9:30am: Hüll Bavarian Hops Research Institute tour & ABI Hop Farm. Meet head of Bavarian Hop Research Elizabeth Seigner
    • 11:30: Schneider Weisse Brewery
    • Meet Head of Brewing Operations Günter Uhl for VIP tour
    • Lunch: Schneider Weisse Biergarten
    • Evening: The Freising Dinner at Weihenstephan Brewery (World’s Oldest Brewery)

    Saturday Sept 7 (Overnight in Tettnang)

    Hops Region #2 Tettnang
    • Morning: Drive tour to Tettnang hops region
    • 11:30am: HVG Tettnang Region Processing Center Meet Senior Management Jürgen Weishaupt HVG Director Tettnang
    • Noon: Lunch on the hill with Jürgen at Max & Moritz Gasthaus
    • 3:30pm Tettnang Locher Hops Farm & Museum
    • 7pm: Check into Tettnanger Kronen Brewery and Gasthaus
           - VIP Tettnanger Kronen tour with owner/Brewer Fritz Tauscher
    • Evening: Dinner @ Tettnang Gasthaus
           - Drinks with locals

    Sunday Sept 8 (Overnight in Tettnang)

    4 Biers, 4 Countries, 1 Day! Land, Water and in the Air
    • Morning: Tettnang Sunday Street Market
    • 11:00 Ferry on Lake Constance to Switzerland for Bier
    • Afternoon: Biers in Vaduz, Lichtenstein, Hard, Austria on the lake
    • Evening Sunset: Optional Zeppelin Ride Tettnang region

    Monday Sept 9 (Overnight in Kulmbach)

    • Morning: Drive to Kulmbach to IREKS Bavarian Malting Facility
    • Lunch: With Senior IREKS management Robert Sprinzl
    • Afternoon: Tour of several IREKS malting facilities Tour Plassenburg Castle overlooking Kulmbach City
    • Evening: Check in Hotel
    • Dinner and wrap up

    Tuesday Sept 10 (Overnight Spalt)

    Hops Region #3 Spalt
    • Morning: Drive region hops area to Spalt
    • 11:00am: HVG Spalt Region Processing Center Meet Senior Management Frank Braun HVG Director Spalt
    • Noon: Local Lunch in Spalt Wittelsbacher Hof
    • Afternoon: Spalt Hop tour
           - Hop farm #1 Ermer Family
           - Hop farm #2 Heckl Family
    • 3:30pm: Tour Spalt Brewery & Town
    • Evening: Check in Local Gasthaus
    • Dinner Spalt

    Wednesday Sept 11

    • Morning: Checkout and back to Munich airport to depart to USA

    Special note

    • 2024 Oktoberfest starts Saturday Sept 21