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About this trip

  • Trip location: Franconia, Germany
  • Trip dates: September 25 – October 3, 2024
    Detailed Trip Itinerary for Fabulous Franconia Fall Tour 2024 Stuff You Should Know for Fabulous Franconia Fall Tour 2024

    Introducing Trip's Beer Excursions – A Taproom/Brewery Customer Retention Program

    Our New Beer Travel Program provides you the opportunity to promote your Taproom/Brewery and build patron loyalty. These exciting Beer Travel Experiences events are a great tool for Brewers/Taprooms to offer their patrons shared beer and cultural event experiences as it enhances customer retention.

    1. Turnkey Beer travel experiences
    2. Trips that are experiential, educational, and fun
    3. Beer Trip themes that tie in with your latest beer styles or types you are known for
    4. Small group sizes for a more intimate experience -- 14-20 people
    5. A Great value
    6. An annual, or even a bi-annual, event opportunity

    Trip's Beer Excursions focus on Bavaria, Germany

    • Munich Region
    • Franconia Region (Nürnberg/Bamberg/Upper Bavaria)
    • Salzburg, Austria
    • Custom Beer Trips Options Available

    Trip's Beer Excursions include

    • A Knowledgeable Guides – English Speaking
    • All Lodging, Ground Transportation, Fees, Group Food and Beers
    • Airfare is NOT included

    To take advantage of this program & it’s brewery benefits

    • Simply Post the Trip in your taproom and on your website
    • A minimum of 14 people will need to sign up
    • If you reach a maximum of 19 people sign up, ONE additional trip is granted to the Brewery/Taproom as a BONUS to use as you wish. Total of 20 people – (10 rooms with 2 people per room)

    Brewery tours in

    • Erlangen
    • Bamberg
    • Nürnberg
    • Freising

    Beyond brewery tours

    • Bavarian Hops Museum
    • Hops Farm visit
    • VIP tour of Weyermann Craft Malting facility
    • Erlangen city “Keller Caves” Tours
    • Guided Bamberg city tour along the Beer Path
    • “WegBeir” – while enjoying beers as we walk between city breweries

    Local cultural events

    • The Baumwipfelpfad Steigerwald (treetop walking tour)
    • Klosteranlage Ebrach Monestary and pipe organ recital
    • Möhrendorf world’s best Bratwurst manufacturer facility tour (well we will see about that)
    • Annafest the 2nd largest Volksfest in Bavaria after Oktoberfest


    About Trip's Beer Excursions

    Other stuff you should know

    • Price does NOT include airfare
    • You WILL need a Passport. US Driver’s license will not work. Check Passport Expiration date. Must be more than 6 months from return date
    • You will be leaving USA on September 25, 2024 and arriving in Munich, Germany (MUC) on September 26, 2024

    Trip cost

    Double occupancy for $2,995.00 USD

    • Special: All BA, Pink Boots Society, & State Brewer Guild, and AHA Members get 5% discount

    Cost includes

    Full time english speaking guide, english speaking beer expert, ground transportation, local gasthaus lodging, common meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), daily common beers, entrance fees, and just about anything except the Lederhosen

    Final payment information

    • Final payment due: Upon receipt of invoice

    Will accept Zelle or Venmo payments at (301) 346-1125

    Book now

    • Place your $500.00 USD per person deposit to book now
    • By placing your deposit, you are agreeing you have read and understood the Terms of service
    • Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied as a credit for future trips up to 24 months after cancellation
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