Stuff You Should Know for Fasching & Munich Beer Tour 2024

Take with you (all are a MUST)

  1. Current Passport
    1. If your current passport expires in 2024 it will NOT be valid for this trip. UPDATE IT NOW
  2. Driver License (US)
  3. No more than 2 Credit Cards
  4. European power converter (1 for each person)
         - available @ Best Buy or AAA
  5. Any Medicines/vitamins you take
  6. Sunglasses, extra reading glasses
  7. Business Cards

Make a list

(3 copies: 1 to stay @ home with access from trusted person, 1 to keep on your phone, 1 to keep in your suitcase but not on your person)

  1. Your Passport & Driver’s license #’s, COVID Vaccine record
  2. Credit Card(s) #’s
  3. Important people to contact @ home in case of emergency (their 

    phone and email addresses)
  4. Any medical conditions that you may have requiring special 

    attention, food allergies, etc.

Notify your credit card company that you will be traveling in Germany. The # is on the back of the credit card(s) you will be taking.

  1. If you are a premium member for your credit card, you will not have to pay Europe transaction fees.
  2. Double check your ATM card to be sure you qualify for no transaction fees

Consider bringing 100 Euro’s before you arrive in Munich. No need to bring more, we will stop at a bank ATM soon after arrival. These give the best rates for withdrawing cash.

  1. We discuss how to use your credit card in Europe when we get there.

Phone and iPad prep

  1. Call your phone service to have them walk you thru on how to TURN OFF the data function of your phone

     - This is VERY IMPORTANT as it will save you lots of $$
         - Ask your phone company for a SHORT-TERM International Call plan (Germany) from February 9 - February 15
  2. If you have an iPad you may want to see if it is associated with a 

    Phone # and you may have to do same set up with phone company
  3. I am bringing my computer. Nothing needs to be done to prepare. 

    You will need a power converter that can plug in anywhere there is internet connection.


  1. Bring casual comfortable warm clothes and closed toe shoes. We will be doing quite a bit of walking.
  2. The weather is like ours this time of the year, but evenings may be colder, so I suggest layers including a jacket, sweater, and long sleeve shirts as well as a light windbreaker that is also water resistant.
  3. You may want to consider bringing some traditional Bavarian clothes (lederhosen etc.) and look like a native. We will have some time for local shopping as well


  1. Bring your CAMERA during the daytime we will be enjoying lots of local Munich attractions including BMW world, Downtown Munich, and several brewery tours.
  2. Local Bavarian beer, food, and traditions.
  3. To avoid jet lag

         - Try to sleep on plane over
         - Drink plenty of water (there is lots of beer once you arrive)
         - Wear loose shoes on the plane

Consider Travel Insurance (Ask me for a quote and what it covers)

  1. You are responsible for ANY expenses if you are hurt, detained or 

    unable to remain on the proscribed itinerary.
  2. You can purchase a policy yourself, or I can assist you in getting the 

    travel insurance coverage you desire.

We will all meet just outside customs at the Munich Airport.

  1. Clear Customs before noon Saturday February 10
  2. We will head directly into Munich and check into hotel
  3. Light Lunch
  4. Augustiner Brauerei Dinner and drinks