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Why Choose Us

As we settle into our 2023 schedule, we will be expanding deeper into the Craft Beverage Experiences. We are offering a really diverse Trip’s Beer and Bourbon Trips Schedule; including not only our standard annual tours but adding 2 more German Tour Experiences: Fasching (German Mardi Gras) and Starkbeirfest (Strong Beer Festival) in Q1 and adding USA Craft Trip Beer Trips to Alaska and Oregon in Q2.


Most exciting is the long delayed (Thanks COVID) but now scheduled “Train Like a Bavarian Brewer” Sensorik Class, taught in English, at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the World famous Weihenstephan Brauerei!  Week long Class and Field study experiences in the Hallertau Hops growing region in Bavaria.


Come and join us on unique and custom Beer and Bourbon trips that are geared toward the Craft Beverage Industry individuals.

CBC 2019 Denver Martin (Auburn) and Martin (Maryland).jpg


  • “Train Like a Bavarian Brewer” - Sensorik Training + Classroom and Field Studies  

    • Technical Training from TUM (Weihenstephan) Brewing University Scientists

    • 2 Day intense Sensory Beer Seminar – Course

    • 2 Day complimentary Bavarian Field Trips: Hallertau Hops Region & IREKS Malting Facilities

  • Technical University Munich (TUM) Sensorik Certificate

Networking Opportunities

  • Establishes and enhances personal relationships between Trip's Beer Trips participants and Craft Brewers

  • Participants learn about Craft Beer in general

  • How Craft Beers are marketed in different areas of the United States

  • Specifics of what makes the Local Craft Beer special

  • There is always an extra special “something” at each brewery: Beer Dinners, Participation in Tasting Panels, even Brewing Pilot beers!

Information & Convenience

  • Trip's Beer Trips provides firsthand information about Craft Breweries throughout the country

  • Trip's Beer Trips facilitates a single point of contact for participants to engage with countless Craft Breweries in the USA and impressive beer experiences in Bavaria

  • A turnkey program, with almost everything* included (Ground Transportation, Lodging, Group meals and beverages, Entrance fees, etc.)


*Airfare and some optional activities not included. See information on each individual Trip for details.

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