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Terms & Conditions

What Trip's Beer Trips pricing covers and does NOT cover.


Deposits: A deposit placed for a trip may be applied as credit for a future Trip's Beer Trips as long as the future trip booked is within 24 months of the original trip cancellation date.

What IS included on Trip's Beer Trips while participating – Traveler(s) in the group during the designated Trip Itinerary. Once we all meet at the designated time/date and the rendezvous location:

  1. Group ground transportation

  2. Group food and Beer beverages

  3. Group lodging while on designated trip

  4. Group entrance/participant fees (NOTE: Some optional events fees not included)

What IS NOT included on Trip's Beer Trips and therefore is the sole responsibility of the Traveler(s):

  1. All their air transportation to and from the event.  In cases of delay arriving at the beginning of the Trip's Beer Trips, Traveler(s) are responsible for any ground transportation and other expenses needed to rejoin the group. In cases of delays in departing after the conclusion of the Trip's Beer Trips, Traveler(s) are responsible for all transportation and other expenses needed to return home. All transportation and other costs incurred if the Traveler(s) leaves trip for any reason.

  2. Proof of vaccination or other necessary Covid documents for travel. Trip's Beer Trips does not check.

  3. Neither Trip's Beer Trips nor its employees/associates are not responsible for any costs of disrupted travel for any reason.

  4. Travel Insurance (See below)

    1. Airfare charges/fees due to changes for any reason in travelers schedule to or from the start or end of trip

    2. Any medical needs or any hospital needed due to injury or sickness occurring during the trip.

    3. Any extra accommodations and transportation and other expenses incurred outside of the Trip's Beer Trips set Itinerary

  5. Double check your Credit Cards for their specific Travel benefits and coverages

  6. Neither Trip's Beer Trips nor its employees/associates are not responsible for any costs of disrupted travel due to Covid or Covid Rules that may affect the traveler. This includes but not limited to:

    1. Medical assistance and costs

    2. Hospitalization and recuperation

    3. Medicines

    4. Accommodations, food, and drinks

    5. Ground and air transportation

    6. Any loss of personal items any time before, during, or after the trip

    7. Any other expenses incurred because of travelers’ not completing the scheduled Trip's Beer Trips



Things to consider/check

Travelers should consider 3rd Party Travelers Insurance.

If you must leave the trip for any reason, I strongly recommended you secure independent Travel Insurance.

Check with your credit card provider to see if they offer travel insurance.

Recommended Independent Travel Insurance Provider:

  • Allianz Travel Insurance​​

    • Please use the Contact Us page to send your name and email for a quote

Payment Information

Sending Payment via Check

If you prefer making a payment via check

Make Checks Out To:

The Kloser Group, LLC

Send Checks To: 

The Kloser Group, LLC
14113 Big Branch Drive
Dayton, MD 21036-1254

Sending Payment via Wire

​​If you prefer making payment via wire, please Contact Us, so we can send you the information.

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