About Us

More Than Just Beer

Trip's Beer Trips is much more than just drinking Craft Beer. Each trip offers additional local experiences that are unique to the areas where the breweries are located. This includes anything from a local Craft Beer/Bourbon Dinner and a helicopter ride to the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau while visiting Alaskan Brewing Company to Mountain Biking in Bend, Oregon and taking a Zeppelin Ride over Lake Constance during the Bavarian Hops Harvest, and lots, lots more. What really makes Trip's Beer Trips doubly impactful is that we generally do some other local activity related to the experiences we’ve had at the various breweries.


How We Started

I was employed by Redhook Ale Brewery, acting as Sales Director and Redhook’s direct liaison to Anheuser Busch for 9 years.  Until 2008 AB Distributors were incentivized to remain 100% exclusive to AB brands only.   That all changed in 2008 when InBev bought out AB to form ABI.  Now Independent ABI wholesaler all over the country were seeking to get into Independent Craft Beer Brands.  I was retained by over 250 ABI wholesalers as a consultant to help them be a better Craft Beer (and later other Craft Beverage) Distributors, and the Kloser Group was formed.   I soon realized that a much more customized and direct involvement of key distributor personnel was needed to really make a long-lasting positive effect.  This was critical in helping ABI Distributors be better Craft Beer Partners.  So, in 2009 I started Trip’s Beer Trips.

From this experience, I soon realized that to be more effective in getting the AB guys to “Understand” Craft, we had to go beyond book learning, bar drinking, and GABF going, and get a “Craft Beer Baptism”. Trip’s Beer Trips facilitated these Baptisms. These were 3 - 7 days deep dive experiences focusing on a variety of local Craft Brewers in a region, everything from larger Craft brewers with national footprints to strong regional players and new startup Nano Breweries. The intent was to get to experience these breweries up-close and personal.

We met with key brewery personnel who led the groups on a “double secret” behind-the-scenes tour. We learned first-hand that each brewery is unique and each as its own “What makes them, THEM!” There are always exceptional beer dinners featuring beer from the brewery we visited that day.

All Trip’s Beer (and now Bourbon too) Trips are customized, personal, educational, and fun, created specifically for Craft Beverage Industry individuals and companies that are perfect for increasing craft beer and beverage knowledge, networking, sourcing beer ingredients, and even getting certified beer (Sensorik) training .


Meet The Founder

Trip has more than 30 years in the craft beer and beverage industry. He has a long history of developing innovative and successful craft beer business platforms. Recently, he was the Co-founder and COO of Brew Pipeline (Marketing Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Seltzer) and was responsible for overseeing compliance, logistics, and operational details.


In 2008, he founded the Kloser Group a consulting and facilitation organization, focusing on craft brewer business development and distribution direction. He has consulted with over 250 independent ABI distributors throughout the US providing guidance for Craft Beer, Spirits, and NA Brand partnerships. To provide further value to his Kloser Group customers, in 2009 he founded Trip's Beer Trips for educational and experiential events between distributors and craft brewers throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Starting in 2022, he has expanded the concept and created Trip's Bourbon Trips to meet client requests for access to key people in the Spirits sector. In 2014, he co-founded The Stout Beverage Group which represents top quality German beverage packaging, and brewing ingredients: hops and malts in the US.


He has active relationships in every aspect of the Beer and Alcohol industry and is called upon as an alcohol Beverage expert in legal and other industry negotiations, from brand rights transfers to brand valuations. Actively engaged in promoting craft beer and beverages, Trip is a member of the Brewers Association and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. He is an industry source for trade publications as well as a called-upon expert in beverage legal proceedings. Trip speaks as an expert at industry events and has hosted bi-annual seminars before the Great American Beer Festival and Craft Brewers Conferences. He continues to provide access for industry professionals to develop personal relationships directly with source suppliers, distributors, beverage producer’s and others in the Alcohol Beverage industry.


Message From Our Founder

“You can read about it in a book, you can drink it at a bar or beer festival, but you do not know what that brewery is truly all about until you meet at the source with the people that create it and get to put it into context base on local cool experiences in its surroundings.”



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